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    Taizhou Best Molybdenum Products Co.,Ltd.is a tungsten and molybdenum products manufacturer,and the waste materials recycling
    of tungsten and molybdenum is one part of our job.at present, We can produce 300 tons of tungsten products and 500 tons of molybdenum products every year
    Relying on standard workshop, advanced inspection method and quality product, our products have been well-received in China, Japan...MORE>>

    • ·Taizhou Best Molybdenum Products Co.,Ltd.
    • ·Add: Jiangyan District Yuduo Town Industrial Zone      ·ZIP code: 225509
    • ·Tel: +86-13901420491 , +86-523-88641589                 ·Contact: Ding Yong
    • ·Fax: +86-523-88646836
    • ·E-mail: sales@bstwm.com , dyy@bstwm.com
    • ·Web: www.bosconesuitehotel.com
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